Kitchen faucet Elite Lux

Kitchen faucet Elite Lux - 4860.00 To order

We bring to your attention a high-quality mixer for household needs, made using modern technologies using only high-quality components. Modern Russian and imported equipment for assembly and control ensures high quality and reliability of products. The mixer is adapted to the operating conditions in Russia and has the necessary certificates.

The VarionArmaturen single-arm kitchen sink mixer is designed for mixing and adjustable supply of cold and hot water from water supply systems. The mixer with regulation of the pressure and water temperature with one handle is equipped with a mixing cartridge of KCG, Fluhs type with ceramic washers having a microporous surface filled with temperature-resistant grease. The mixer spout is equipped with an aerator with a preliminary plastic separator for collecting rust particles and dirt and a multi-layer fine mesh, creating a soft, clean stream of water. Body parts are made of LS59-1 brass with chrome-nickel coating.

1. The recommended pressure is 2.5 atm.
2. Working temperature - up to 75 ° С.
The mixer is designed to operate at pressures from 2 to 6.3 atm.

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